Producers and directors

"In my history of working at the Theatre Building, I cannot remember a show with a better opening week. An average opening week is about 1/5 of what you took in." - Lorraine Townsend, Theatre Building, Chicago, IL

"The Lyric was thrilled to have Lust 'n Rust this season and apparently so were the people of Los Angeles. In the two years I've been at The Lyric Theatre I've never seen an opening night so packed with people or energy. The heartwarming yet comedic story and music attracted patrons throughout the show's run. The writers, producers, cast and crew made this all a very special time! Lust 'n Rust...A true gem. Thanks!" - Krista Melbardis, Box Office Manager, Lyric Theatre, West Hollywood, CA

"I could go on for hours about Lust 'n Rust.  It was FANTASTIC.  The show sold out every night.  The audiences loved it and are looking for a sequel.  I knew we had a winner from the moment I found the show on Samuel French and clicked on the sample tunes.  I was totally hooked.  Lust 'n Rust is a great big piece of American Pie with the good guys coming out on top.  A well written script with music that is toe tapping, solid verses and powerful messages with each song, which left the audiences wanting more." - Tom Tierney, Artistic Director, Coach House Players, Kingston, NY

"I have never produced a show that EVERY audience member loved, and I can truly say that is the case with Lust 'n Rust. Our attendance grew with every show and it is probably among the best productions we have done as a company. I am glad we decided to do it." - Dave Hoffman, Producer, Patuxent Playhouse, MD

"The play has a social conscience, but it's very definitely a comedy. We were reviewing various shows that were available and we found this. It was something different and that's what we wanted to do." - Pete LaBriola, Artistic Director, Pierrot Productions, NJ

"Lust 'n Rust is a great show that is easy to produce, and direct. It's fun and the cast had a blast putting it on. The audience reaction to THIS show is better than any other we have ever done." - Jack Reynolds, Director, Patuxent Playhouse, MD

The critics

- Chicago Tribune (out of 160 other Chicago-area productions that weekend!)

"...the well-written songs in Lust 'n Rust, which pay tribute to blue-collar life, remain the musical's selling point. Haney, Kimball and Stratton have a deft hand around a ballad as well as the upbeat numbers." - Mary Houlihan, Chicago Sun-Times

"...the tunes in this show are right nice. [They] have a real knack for entertaining country-western songs that aid in character development and advance the plot." - Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader

"...feisty and stirring country music... These hit songs don't even need dialogue to support them." - Lucia Mauro, Chicago Tribune

"Written with a lighthearted, affectionate touch, Lust 'n Rust seeks the humanity in a trailer park." - Susan Van Dongen, TIMEOFF

"This country-western musical comedy delves beneath the surface of redneck stereotypes to find a hootin', hollerin' good time." - Jane Elkin, Bay Weekly

"It's the best show I've seen in Calvert this year! This show is so fresh and original it deserves a wider venue." - Pat Ullberg, The Calvert Recorder

"POSDJAALOFG: Plenty Of Singing, Dancing, Jokin' Around And Lots Of Fun. Go." - Qwyneth J. Sanders, Southern Maryland Weekend

"Lust 'n Rust is refreshing. The script is tight and well written and the songs veer between laugh-out-loud funny and downright romantic." - Paul Barile, Reporter/Progress

Audience members

"What a FANTASTIC SHOW Lust 'n Rust is! Very clever, funny, entertaining." - Marc Ligon

"Saw the show tonight - brought my Mom. We both thought it was great! Way better than Rent or Fiddler on the Roof." - Pamela Zachritz

"It's funny, the music is awesome - I want the soundtrack - and I can't remember the last time I smiled so much and liked a cast of characters so much. Two enthusiastic thumbs up. I'd see it again in a heartbeat!" -Robin Angell Carroll

"I attend at least 50 plays a year. I truly enjoyed the fun of Lust 'n Rust. I came out of the play singing the tunes... as did the rest of the audience! Lust 'n Rust is light-hearted, fun and just a great time. I highly recommend it." - Pam Suhr

"I found myself singing the songs for days after the show. It's not often I find a show that I loved, my 83 year old mother loved and my 10 year old son is still talking about." - Debra Poneman

"Lust 'n Rust is a gem of a play. Some things just naturally go together, like fries with catsup, and like the story line in Lust 'n Rust with country music. You'd have to be a determined cynic not to care about the characters as they work through their problems, amid toe-tapping songs." - Al Davis