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The principal strength of Lust 'n Rust is its songs -- fun, heartfelt, and memorable with strong melodies that stand alone apart from the play. Fourteen original songs have been composed specifically for this musical. Each is a unique gem, and many have strong potential for airplay on C&W and Adult Contemporary radio stations.

Country Western music has crossed over into the mainstream. The market for C&W music is enormous and growing. This distinctively American art form deserves its place on the world's stages. C&W music has a deep-seated popularity that will long outlast other music trends and continue to draw audiences to Lust 'n Rust for years to come. 

  • Mobilized
  • Redbud Mobile Estates
  • Look Away
  • Double Wide
  • Let Her Go
  • Bigger Than Yours
  • Once Upon a Time
  • They Say
  • Off to Mexico
  • Over and Done
  • Mobilized/Reprise