Soon to be a major motion picture! 

Lust 'n Rust is currently being developed into a feature film by director Penelope Spheeris ("Wayne's World", "The Beverly Hillbillies") and Tom Martin, former Senior VP of Marketing for Universal Pictures.

"I read the play and fell in love with the characters and the music. Lust 'n Rust makes a poignant statement about real salt-of-the-earth Americans who are going through hard times, but they make the best of it and have some good laughs along the way."  - Penelope Spheeris 

Lust 'n Rust  Premier Wows Chicago

In January of 2001, Lust 'n Rust  had its world premiere run at the Theatre Building in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, setting box office records at this Chicago institution. The Theatre Building has been home to such highly regarded theater companies as Steppenwolf, Northlight, Organic, Famous Door, Lookingglass, and many others.

"In my history of working at the Theatre Building, I cannot remember a show with a better opening week. 

An average opening week is about 1/5 of what you took in." 

Lorraine Townsend, Theatre Building

This feat is astounding when you consider that this was the inaugural production of our own new company, LawnChair Theater -- our company and this play were previously unknown to the public, the theatre community, and the media.

The production benefited from the superb direction of Michael Fritz. Excellent business continued steadily through the initial run of the play, with box office receipts returning a consistent 35 - 40% profit vs. running expenses each week. Unfortunately, another tenant booking in our Theatre Building space precluded an extended run of the show.