Lust 'n Rust can be a hit for your theater!

Cast requirements: 5-6 men, 4-5 women, 9-10 total

  • CONNIE: thirty-something waitress at Smitty's Diner, soon to be divorced from Duane
  • STEVE: thirty-something East-coast yuppie with mid-western roots
  • DUANE: thirty-something blue-collar worker at the plant
  • RED: fifty-something resident manager and unofficial Mayor of Redbud Mobile Estates
  • LATISHA: late-twenties, African-American hair stylist, moved into the park from Chicago about a year earlier
  • TANYA: thirty-something best friend of Connie
  • JUNIOR: Tanya's husband, a late shift worker at the plant
  • BUZZ: another late shift worker at the plant
  • JANETTE: a newcomer to the park, mother of twin two-year-olds
  • HENDERSON: the Corporate Vice President of Production (male or female, can be doubled with another role)

Music: ideally, a five (or more) piece C&W band. The music is arranged for guitar, piano, pedal steel, bass and drums. Several of the musical numbers could be enhanced with C&W dancing. A minus-one (karaoke) CD is available for audition and rehearsal use. These minus-one tracks have even been used successfully in performance when assembling a band was not feasible.